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Nick Cave schrijft met zijn fans. Dat doet hij op de blog Red Hand Files. Fans kunnen vragen insturen; Cave bundelt sommige vragen en behandelt ze vervolgens. In de meest recente bijdrage bespreekt Cave het thema Vriendschap.
De Berlijnse Fred vraagt of het belangrijk is om vrienden te hebben. Ozden uit Turkije wil weten of vriendschap creativiteit bevordert. Jo, afkomstig uit het Britse Brighton, wil weten of kwaliteiten van vrienden van belang zijn.
Cave schrijft:
“There seems to me to be three levels of friendship.
First there is the friend who you go out and eat with, or get pissed with, who you go with to the cinema or a gig — you know, have a shared experience with.
The second kind of friend is one who you can ask a favour of, who will look after you in a jam, will lend you money, or drive you to the hospital in the middle of the night, someone who has your back — that kind of friend.
The third level of friendship is one where your friend brings out the best in you, who amplifies the righteous aspects of your nature, who loves you enough to be honest with you, who challenges you, and who makes you a better person.
None of these levels are mutually exclusive and sometimes you find someone who fulfils all of these categories. If you find a friend like that, hang on to him or her. They are rare.”
Mooie woorden.

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